Peranakan Silver Jewelry

Peranakan Silver Jewelry has functional and symbolic means

They were mainly shown at weddings and mourning. It was also an indicator of the family wealth and status. Beside of the silver, as shown here also gold, diamonds and jade jewelry were collected.

People who settled in the Malaysian and Singapore area over the last 200 years were of many cultures but mainly Chinese they created the Peranakan style a blend of Malaysian ideas and Chinese silver jewelry styling. One of the results were Peranakan jewelry and body decoration made from silver. 

Peranakan Silver Jewelry

The Penang Museum also show other heritage of the Peranakan from the straits settlements and the islands such as furniture with typical Chinese style and material which were mainly rosewood. Some embroidery and collections plus Chinese blue white porcelain and ceramics. 

This variant of body decoration is a bit bulky but has its charm and style. It needs to keep in mind that in this times the modern tools of today were not available resulting in a bulky necklace pendant and some rather rough bracelets. Typical Asian vintage style with a local touch including beads and dragons. All together ethnic pendants from silver and gold metal are created just watch this beaded chain below.

peranakan silver jewelry
Peranakan Nyonya Silver Body Decoration

Peranakan Nyonya Jewelry and body decoration is work of art and crafts. Also today silver is very popular on the body but natural with different styles and usually diluted. But for silver earrings it can get quite heavy, All here is made by Chinese people who moved to Malaysia actually is Malaysia somehow a "parallel culture" of them and the local Malay people, read more. 

peranakan silver items

Women displayed their wealth through gold, silver and precious stones 

The men (Babas) wore jewelry at weddings. They even used the kids to show wealth usually with precious anklets. Beside of the body decoration, the items were part of financial security and were sold in bad times. Here is some modern styled silver jewelry.

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A visit to the Peranakan Museum is perfect if someone value Chinese style jewelry such as headdresses and necklaces plus pectorals and coin pendants including bracelets and rings. Often paired with Jade and Diamonds to create beautiful pieces.

peranakan gold jewelry


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