Penang Nightlife

After sunset Penang nightlife becomes virulent.

Nightlife action is mainly in Georgetown the island’s capital and Batu Ferringhi where the night market shopping is plus a couple of good restaurants including bars and lounges some with live music. Batu Ferringhi is the best tourist beach on Penang Island.

Penang nightlife 

Penang City Nightlife

Hot beats are presented by Filipino bands with live music.

People can also do a little open air dancing in Georgetown at upper Penang road which is sometimes very amusing to watch, it has many facets. Bar's, clubs and discos lounges and hidden parlors with pretty girls from China.

They also have plenty from Egypt and Lebanon ladies working in the nightlife business but are not obviously visible because Malaysia is full under Arab control and they prefer their women although the people coming from there are mainly from the Arab Gulf States. If you like to experience this exotic tribes just walk in Georgetown center at night someone will approach you all goes under the hood keep in mind this is a Muslim country althou they have several very pretty Buddhist pagodas.

It's a bit more quiet, slow and hidden, nothing similar to Thailand nightlife. But that won't hurt, it still has some erotic touches, just as the guys on vacation like it. It got a new twist in the last decade by the arrival of plenty Arab tourist who tries to find some pleasure they don't have at home. On top of everything, the easy going atmosphere is very good to encourage the shopping mood. Actually, shopping is one of the most interesting activities because the ASEAN and China border is quite open in terms of import and export which is also visible by the different nationalities working in the night shift and this is not only with the young women. Pulau Pinang is the right place for a tropical party you just will feel good. 

The upper Penang Road nightlife in Georgetown is centered around a few clubs and discos. There is nothing similar like Thailand with nightlife girls hanging around and hope to make a hit. Malaysia nightlife is different since no go-go bars and less of an erotic ambiance the business with the girls is only going on behind closed doors and with a sign at the door of the bar showing no entrance under 18 years.

Looking for Penang Girls?

Bars and clubs with girls and nightlife business women around are mainly Chinese Arab Filipina and some Thai in the last few years (today 2019) bar girls from the former Soviet Union tried their luck but no much luck because they bare too easy to be spotted by the authorities, mainly in Georgetown center plus some in the bigger hotels and around Ferringhi beach. Nothing visible in the gay/ladyboy scene but some good life music and clubbing in Georgetown Penang. 

For a start try Slippery Senoritas in Georgetown center upper Penang Road which is partly a walking street with a rather quiet atmosphere. Nightlife is on a low burner here but not bad at all actually there is only one more spot which deserved the name Malaysia nightlife that is in Kuala Lumpur's Jalan Ramlee around the beach club which is much more vivid and vibrant and more sex oriented.

This is a Muslim environment and the guys don't know what they miss in this life until getting eaten by the maggots 6 feet down, there is no almighty to bail them out, its only birth, life, die and get eaten, so you better try to make something out of it as long you are on mother earth and before you are in mother earth.

Penang Hotels

In Penang hotels apartments and other accommodation are available. The most interesting is probably this hotel in Georgetowns nightlife center with genuine English colonial styling.

The feel good atmosphere has also something to do with excellent hotels in almost every category. No need to write a lot about hotels beach resorts and apartments just check this Penang hotel destination page it tells all that you want to know.

But this Muslim society is so awful mendacious why? When a local woman dares to drink beer or wine in certain places and one of the "religious police" spot this they can lock here up it's just as in Saudi Arabia. Actually, the Malaysians won't take as serious as the Arabs but that's the law and they can do it but like sexy style anyway? O la la !!.

People immediately reacted and brought enough Arab ladies in from Egypt and elsewhere they are as clever as Clinton it's the economy what counts but wasn't there some blowing with him? it was definitely not a whistle blower what did the lady blow? The saxophone? no that's boring plastic? ok no problem.

There are three nightlife center

One nightlife hotspot is at downtown Georgetown at Penang Road around Slippery Senoritas, Moise, Voodoo Nightclub, Uptown Pub, Soho Free House. 

Gurney Drive Nightlife
Another is Gurney Drive, a popular day and night seafront promenade with plenty of restaurants, open air bars, nightclubs, discos, karaoke or KTV. The next popular spot is at Batu Ferringhi. 

Gurney Drive Nightlife with a Chinese ShowSince everything around here is Chinese there are a couple of monstrous karaoke bars in fantasy styling looks very creative.

Some places charge entrance e.g. at Slippery Senoritas

A great party is on every night at "Slippery Senoritas" where several bars are integrated into a court style it's it's somehow a bar court similar to Bangkok Nana Plaza or the Manila go-go places, but no go-go bars and other girls business. Actually, there is plenty of sexy business but it's not visible it happen behind closed doors. That's amazingly totally different to KL nightlife at Jalan P Ramlee Beach Club or Thai Bistro where dozens of single girls hanging around every evening. 

Also Uptown Pub is not bad where 50,- Ringgits are asked at some days and at other days no entrance is charged but they have a strange behavior, already when they open the door the first you see is the open hand of an Indian guy who demands Ringgit 50,- fee to let you come in, my advice doesn't go there it's obvious they want to cheat the clients. 

But in general, this is an amazingly vibrant environment considering that Malaysia is an Islam-oriented country where most women wear the hijab but on Pulau Pinang are mostly Chinese, Indians and tourists, a large part of the tourists are Arabs who try to escape the hot and dry environment of the Arab Peninsular. There are plenty of other spots on the "walking street". Bars and nightclub are also around the bigger hotels like Condotel, Hotel Malaysia etc.. No strip clubs, go-go bars and similar night entertainment as it is in Thailand. Some nightclubs have a minimum age to enter, it's 18 years written on the door, guess why?
There are hundreds of Malaysian guys of the northern region every week to take the trip to Sadao and Hat Yai nightlife to get the real fun with the ladies.

A typical dialogue of a foreigner with the local guy opposite Hotel Malaysia, goes like this, hello Sir do you like a lady? A Russian? answer no, do you like a, answer no, do you like an Egyptian (there are many Arab people on vacation), answer no, do you like a Thai? answer no. What do you like then? I like Heineken Beer, got the message?  

Some time ago Russian and Ukraine tried to get a foot into but this ended unpleasantly for them. For some reason, the locals guys didn't like the competition and the other problem for them was the foreign girls could be spotted very easily by the police, or polis in Malaysian language, you can see these girls at Russian girls Pattaya, oriental guys are hot for this blond beauties, that's the nature

At Georgetown Malaysia nightlife

The nightlife here is quite different from screaming Thailand go-go bars, also less of an erotic ambiance, at least as far as someone can see. Asian Chinese nightlife is done in the dark, means do everything, but don't let anyone see it. Clubs and discos in Penang are mainly in Georgetown and around Ferringhi beach.

Behind the closed door, other hot stuff happens indeed. With the avalanche of Arab and Chinese tourists, the demand for entertainment has changed a little since these groups have different tastes regarding nightlife girls.

This relaxed atmosphere creates a good mood and nightlife plus shopping and exotic food in various restaurants to have a good time. Since Penang travel expenses are also in a manageable region it’s somehow an excellent holiday destination with an attractive multi-ethnic and tolerant society.

Two more places round up the scene, this is Gurney Drive ( a few minutes to the northeast) and Batu Ferringhi Beach about an hour to the northwest coast, here is more ASEAN nightlife a bit further north.

There is no visible gay nightlife 

Nothing is going on whether in Georgetown nor in Malaysia at all, but plenty of clubbing in Penang, try Slippery Senoritas in Georgetown center. Nightlife is on a low burner but not bad at all, it's relaxing and not too loud. Kuala Lumpur's nightlife is much more vivid and vibrant. Penang bars are for sure not as sex oriented as in neighboring Thailand nightlife although the sex issue is virulent but not as obvious.

It is rather difficult to tell something because it's not visible, its there for sure but there are some religious influences which drive it into the dark. To start understanding the island a bit deeper the best is just hire a guide to show you what's going on. 

Check with the hotel reception, to arrange a qualified tour guide with a car, pay about Ringgits 100,- and within one day you learn more than others won't even in 10 years. The naughty night business is a subject everyone won't talks openly because what happen if this goes into the wrong ears? It would be disastrous.

Top Spots are Georgetown center Gurney Drive and Batu Ferringhi.

It's less than an hour in between and also most tourists stay in this two town.Georgetown is the actual Penang City and no wonder that nightlife is around here mainly downtown and around Gurney Drive with some great and creative karaoke clubs, food courts and a real exotic selection of Malaysian, Chinese and Indian dishes. The island is at the crossroads between east and west mainly since the British times. 

slippery senoritas nightclub show

slippery senoritas show down town

It is usually in this direction and can naturally be also a fusion of it. That are other very tempting places e.g. the stylish saloon in the E & O Hotel in Georgetown. Here colonial times can still be smelled in an attractive environment of a superb stylish legacy of British colonial times.

Such as the Eastern and Oriental Hotel or the Shangri-La Raja Sayang Resort at the beach on the road to Batu Ferringhi, among other, they serve cocktails in stylish surroundings and let you feel good.

A stylish night at the E & O Hotel

The city at night is not as action packed with young women as Phuket, Hat Yai or Danok Thailand at the border but it has some charm, in particular, the places where the sign hangs … entrance only over 18 years of age. 

bar girls for hire in Georgetown

Here the naughty bar girls are around usually Chinese, Filipinas and some Thai. But when walking on the main street around the Hotel Malaysia some guys also offer other erotic perspectives with an oriental touch such as Egyptian, other African, from Lebanon etc. Why is that so? The reason is Malaysia has plenty of Arab holidaymakers and that is what they like. Russian women and other Eastern European are rather rare. 

Here is Chinese style nightlife at Gurney Drive

Chinese style nightlife at Gurney Drive

Pulau Pinang or Penang & Kuala Lumpur are the centers of night fun in Malaysia

Pulau Pinang Night fun at Gurney Drive food court

This a food court at night at the upper Gurney Drive

Relaxed hotel bar at night

Relaxed hotel jazz bar with fun

The nightlife in Georgetown upper Penang Road

friday night at mois disco in the center

a quiet night in penang malaysia at slippery senoritas

The center of nightlife in town is around Slippery Senoritas Bar, MOIS and MOMO in the walking part of Penang Road. Some of these places are asking entrance fee which reaches “unhealthy” levels at weekends. But there are enough other pubs and great places to sail the night through, so it’s no problem, but keep one thing in mind if you want to mingle with the ladies better travel to Thailand.

Oriental style nightlife on holiday

Hot stuff at Danok at the border, actually you won't believe that.
Again a bit further north is Phuket nightlife and there around 5000 young girls and ladyboys are waiting every night.

Penang Malaysia Nightlife Girls 

They are often wrapped up from head to bottom but this is somehow only a masquerade because of the Islamic hypocrites the more you hide the greater the desire. 

In the night short skirts are the preferred choice naturally everyone wants to look sexy. The clubs have ladies night once per week and there is a long line of pretty young ladies in front of Moise around 11 pm., Their ID cards are closely checked to make sure the birth date fits. 

Bar girls are plenty, they are just not very visible if you want to find a men's club, full-service massage or similar there are two promising possibilities. One is walking around opposite the Hotel Malaysia and it is very likely that a guy approaches you and offering some girls, as indicated before they have a wide spectrum of Chinese, Egyptian, Thai, Indian and other naughty girls.

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The next best thing is to visit one of the karaoke lounges which are in the same area, in this places are plenty of ladies who just do what you want, that's the reason they are there. A good indication to find the right bar is if it is written "entrance only for 18 years and above" this are the right places to find what you want. Just walk the side streets branching off from Penang Road there are plenty of clubs and lounges full with ladies from everywhere.

Many Penang nightclub girls also do all kind of massage

Most are specialized in a happy ending or full-service treatment. People are very service minded since hundreds of years before the sailors had a good time now the tourists get it as at almost any tourist oriented place on earth.

Penang Nightlife