Batu Ferringhi

Batu Ferringhi beachfront nightlife

The waterfront is at the western north coast and almost at the end of the road from Georgetown along are several attractive beaches, luxury resorts and other places to stay such as the golden sands actually this is at the end of the coastal road from George town.

An interesting nightlife with bars, discos, and nightclubs right at the waterfront makes it a great place to hang around and enjoy the night. There is also a hard rock cafe right at the beach actually this whole stretch along the seafront looks and acts pretty. Hotels in Penang are plenty among other is the rasa sayang also along this coast but nearer to George town. All this waterfront Penang resorts offer professional spa services and most have a beach in front such as the golden sands resort, lone pine and other.

Batu Ferringhi

Batu Ferringhi Beach Sunset in the sand

Seafood restaurant at the waterfront

Batu Ferringhi Beach Hotels are plenty
Batu Ferringhi Beach Fun

Beach bar from the Hard Rock Hotel at the waterfront

Penang family fun at night in the Rikschaw

This is by far the most attractive beach 

Coming from Georgetown on the road there are plenty of small bays with huge boulders laying around. At the end of the road the waterfront opens up into a long wide sand-strip on the Andaman Sea. The shops around have everything you need and also at night the place is quite busy doing some tourist shopping or just sit down at one of the huge restaurants which are along the roadside and directly at the waterfront. 

There  is no nightlife such as in Phuket if someone likes some hot stuff with go-go girls and similar this is not the location for. Looking for tropical fun with girls try Georgetown center around the Hotel Malaysia there are some lounges and karaoke bars. Walking around there sooner or later a Chinese Guy will approach you and offer some women they have a international mix including Arab and other.

Internet cafes are around and motorcycle for rent available which are probably the best option to make a sightseeing tour on your own for below $ 10,- per day, if you intend to do that make sure you make a good accident insurance, maybe also check the rental company if they offer some insurance. Don't underestimate this since people are very careless on the road. 

Batu Ferringhi direct at the beach restaurant

You will find lots of restaurants probably the most interesting are the open air structures built right at the waterfront they produce the right mood to get people into holiday.  Galleries, shopping and a lot of junk from China is around. A couple of interesting spots could be visited when getting bored such as the Tropical Fruit Farm with over 200 types of fruits, also a playground for the kids is around. A Butterfly Farm with about 4000 butterflies of the region could be a interesting half day trip.

They have a  Toy Museum with over 100,000 toys and dolls mainly made by the owner of the place Loh Lean Cheng and in the evening is a very dense night market around, it is not as packed as Petaling Street flea market in Kuala Lumpur but the goods are mostly the same, all cheap stuff from China. They smuggle that in in via Laos and Thailand.

Batu Ferringhi direct at the beach at night

enough spirit available in a good stocked bar

Batu Ferringhi direct at the beach restaurant at night

beach life at Batu Ferringhi has different variants
famous Malaysian curry chicken for dinnner

great beach restaurant

some high end sea food

great disco tonight

enjoy yourself with the pool

dinner waiting

tasty seafood

fish to fry or BBQ

how is the rickshaw life

What's missing? Yes, the Penang Girls who would do a perfect game although most ladies in this business are from the Philippines and China anyway. At the seafront are great places in the sand where everyone can have a good time with reasonable prices food enjoy the sunset and get into the right holiday mood. The next destination will probably be Gurney Drive and nightlife in Georgetown.