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Penang Georgetown Shopping & Hotels.

Penang is an exotic interface between East and West for at least five hundred years and if you like colorful and fascinating shopping Georgetown Penang is the place to go for a great deal.

A infinite variety of good from all over Asia and elsewhere is around and the catch is, it's not as expensive as in the EU / US. Prices are somehow similar to Thailand shopping and for sure not the crazy ones as in Singapore. 

Georgetown Malaysia

Antiques are are mostly quality items from China which can be discovered in downtown Georgetown. Even window shopping only will make you happy since you will find things you probably have never seen before. 

There are also plenty of shops selling interesting stuff from Indonesia and Myanmar (Burma). Among Chinese people jade jewelry is very popular such as bracelets and pendants for women and a bulky rings for the men, the variety is overwhelming.

Chinatown street scene with Chinese shop houses

Its not even pricey to buy garments, Chinese silk, medicine, paintings and more, the whole downtown area is a big oriental market. There are some big malls around the Trader Hotel in the center but the real interesting things worth to buy are in "Little India" and some quarters of Chinatown.

go shopping in little India for genuine stuff

Particular interesting are the temples and restaurants there at some street corners it rather looks & sounds like India in Mumbai or Calcutta with Indian Desi Music on full power. 

  • Chinese ceramics.

Chinese ceramics porcelain celadon and other useful and decorative items are on sale.