Gurney Drive Penang Georgetown

Penang Nightlife

Is on at 3 places on the island one is Georgetown center plus Gurney Drive on the East side and the other is Batu Ferringhi on the North West Coast which is the main beach area.

It's less than an hour in between and also most tourists stay in this two town.Georgetown is the actual Penang City and no wonder that nightlife is around here mainly downtown and around Gurney Drive with some great and creative karaoke clubs, food courts and a real exotic selection of Malaysian, Chinese and Indian dishes. The island is at the crossroads between east and west mainly since the British times. 

slippery senoritas nightclub show

Exotic nightlife is available in restaurants, beer bars, discos with life music, nightclubs with girls, karaoke and some more quiet places in the hotels. 

slippery senoritas show down town

It is usually in this direction and can naturally be also a fusion of it. That are other very tempting places e.g. the stylish saloon in the E & O Hotel in Georgetown. Here colonial times can still be smelled in an attractive environment of a superb stylish legacy of British colonial times.

Such as the Eastern and Oriental Hotel or the Shangri-La Raja Sayang Resort at the beach on the road to Batu Ferringhi, among other, they serve cocktails in stylish surroundings and let you feel good.

A stylish night at the E & O Hotel

The city at night is not as action packed with young women as Phuket, Hat Yai or Danok at the border but it has some charm, in particular the places where the sign hangs … entrance only over 18 years of age. 

bar girls for hire in Georgetown

Here the naughty bar girls girls are around usually Chinese, Filippinas and some Thai. But when walking at the main street around the Hotel Malaysia some guys also offer other erotic perspectives with an oriental touch such as Egyptian, other African, from Lebanon etc. Why is that so? The reason is Malaysia has plenty of Arab holidaymakers and that is what they like. Russian women and other Eastern European are rather rare. 

Here is Chinese style nightlife at Gurney Drive

Chinese style nightlife at Gurney Drive

Pulau Pinang or Penang & Kuala Lumpur are the centers of night fun in Malaysia

Pulau Pinang Night fun at Gurney Drive food court

Relaxed hotel bar at night

Relaxed hotel jazz bar with fun

The nightlife in Georgetown’s center

friday night at mois disco in the center

a quiet night in penang malaysia at slippery senoritas

The center of nightlife in town is around Slippery Senoritas Bar, MOIS and MOMO in the walking part of Penang Road. Some of these places are asking entrance fee which reach “unhealthy” levels at weekends. But there are enough other pubs and great places to sail the night through, so it’s no problem, but keep one thing in mind if you want to mingle with the ladies better travel to Thailand.

Oriental style nightlife on holiday

Hot stuff at Danok at the border, actually you wont believe that.
Again a bit further north is Phuket nightlife and there around 5000 young girls and ladyboys are waiting every night.