A visual journey.

The images show the position in the Andaman Sea and the fact that there is no much usable space left due to the topology. This could be a good situation otherwise most of the island would have been covered already with buildings.
Batu Ferringhi beach at sunset

The aerial shot below shows roughly the same position from space. It also shows beaches at the west coast which are quite pristine since they are only accessible fro the seaside. 

Picture of Penang Island at north east coast at Batu Ferringhi from space

penang georgetown harbor airport and first bridge from space

travel to Penang on the highway from Thailand showing Islam Palaces

Kapitan Keling Mosque in Georgetown

fascinating Chinese Yap Temple in Georgetown

Yap is a Chinese clan name, the forefathers originated from Fujian Province of Southern China. They migrated to Penang in the19th century and soon became rich traders in Georgetown.

Penang and Peranakan

Peranakan mansion outside front

Peranakan mansion inside


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